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About the Author:

Arnold BeizerArnold L. Beizer is a trial attorney now residing in Florida. He is President of Let Freedom Ring, Inc. a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to the cause of Freedom. He works with POW/MIA families in publicizing the plight of America's missing servicemen. Attorney Beizer is an author, Bible Code researcher and evangelist. See http://www.letfreedomringinc.com/.

As President of Let Freedom Ring, Inc, Attorney Beizer planned and organized a mission to Vietnam to search for answers as to the whereabouts of 324 American POWs last known alive, part of over 1,800  servicemen Missing In Action and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War. Arnold Beizer was accompanied by Carol Hrdlicka, wife of captured Air Force pilot, Col. David Hrdlicka and Albro Lundy III, son of missing pilot Major Albro Lundy, Jr. as well as former 3-time World Heavyweight  Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali who volunteered to help find information for POW/MIA families about their loved ones. According to Mrs. Hrdlicka, and documentary evidence in the hands of our government, David Hrdlicka and many others are still ALIVE.

Let Freedom Ring, Inc. through the efforts of Arnold Beizer planned and promoted a charity benefit music concert with some of America 's finest singers to help highlight the plight of American servicemen still Missing in Action (MIA) from WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm.

Celebrities gathered together in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love along with World Champion Boxers, including Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali, Jake the "Raging Bull" Lamotta, Alexis Arguello, boxing greats Ernie Shavers, Tim Witherspoon, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Harold Johnson, "Jolting" Jeff Chandler, Howard Davis, and a host of others.

Let Freedom Ring President, Arnold Beizer arranged for John Whitehead, the late great singer-songwriter famous for his inspirational hit "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" to sing his Let Freedom Ring song in a duet with Rita, Israel's Queen of Song and international recording star at the renowned Academy of music concert hall in Philadelphia. Mr. Beizer contributed over $400,000 of his own to the POW/MIA cause to bring all the celebrities together to celebrate Freedom and to host the Charity benefit dinner and show where Al Green, Kool and The Gang (Celebration), Neal Sedaka, John and Rita and many others performed. Such POW/MIA organizations as The American Defense Institute, No Greater Love and the National Forget-Me-Not Association, among others benefited.

Attorney Beizer when in Vietnam was able to locate and purchase exclusive photos and documents from covert Vietnamese sources proving that Americans were left behind after Operation Homecoming in 1973 when only 591 POWs were freed and returned home as part of a government negotiated peace initiative.

In addition to his tireless efforts on behalf of American prisoners of war and missing in action Arnold Beizer devotes his time to studying Bible History, doing Bible Code research, writing and publishing information to help promote the cause of Freedom and currently he has an Internet TV show in development. Attorney Beizer has been instrumental in creating and promoting Music from the Heart of America in order to get the
Message of Freedom
out to the masses since music is the universal language which reaches into the heart to deliver its inspirational message. http://www.letfreedomringinc.com/letfreedomring.ram

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