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Paul Berman: Victory
Saxophonist Paul Berman, is perhaps South Florida's most exceptional saxophone (and flute) player. Paul is releasing his debut CD album that combines smooth and contemporary jazz which crosses over into the popular market. All the songs chosen for this CD project were produced in South Florida and are capable of hitting the top "40" on the pop charts.

The twelve (12) songs on Paul's album are all original, save the last, which is the cover song appropriately titled "Save the Best for Last". Paul's style is crisp, clean, clear, fresh and original. Whether Paul is playing alto, soprano, tenor sax or the flute, he is head and shoulders above the rest. Paul has a huge and devoted following in the South Florida area where he can be found playing to the delight of his fans.

Originally from the Bronx, Paul attended the High School for Performing Arts and the Manhattan School of Music before relocating to Florida. Now, nearly a native Floridian, Paul excels with the saxophone and has mastered the art of playing not one, but two (2) saxophones at the same time!

It is not often that a talent like Paul Berman comes along packaged with twelve potential hit songs, which can grab an audience from the get-go. Paul is presently on the Power Music label.

Paul's music would also make great theme songs for films or television. Paul has contributed to John Whitehead's "Messages" CD and plays saxophone and flute on several of the message songs. Paul's "Victory" CD includes the following:

Paul Berman's most recent release
1. Cuba Libre

A catchy freedom song with a Latin beat which will climb the charts, especially in the South Florida area. Setting Cuba free is the hope and dream of thousand of Floridians of Cuban heritage who have emigrated to the Land of the Free to escape the confines of their native land.
2. Remember When

A sentimental ballad of rich, golden tones sure to bring back fond memories and sweet dreams of times past. Remember, life is what our thoughts make it. Life is a dance to the music of time.
3. The Wind Song

A refreshing tune that captures the whooshing wind and sends the imagination soaring to new heights.
4. Victory

(The Conquering Hero Comes - Sound the Trumpet! - Beat the Drums!) - The title song of the CD. In life we must face trials and tribulations. The battle goes on and builds until the end when we muster the strength to overcome and attain the VICTORY that all the time has been within our grasp. We are the foot soldiers sent into battle, but the Victory belongs to the Lord who inspired this music.
5. Goes Around Comes Around

As the expression goes, "What goes around, comes around". That's karma. What we sow, we shall reap. So, let's get ready to go.
6. It's a Beautiful Thing

(A thing of Beauty is a joy forever) - Paul Berman's favorite expression has been put to music. Paul was using this expression for years before it became a catch phrase. Now it has been set to music and is truly a beautiful thing.
7. Emerald Isles

Close your eyes and be transported to Emerald Isles where dwelt the Celtics and Druids of ages past. Now you can be there too, and experience the mystery down by the Isles of the Sea.
8. Feeling Free

Kick your heels together and let your spirits and the music take you on a joyful and delightful flight.
9. Evening in Tel Aviv

Picture a warm Mediterranean night and a soft breeze as you walk in the sand holding your lover's hand. That's Tel Aviv at night.
10. Riding

Let's go riding - while the music plays. It's a great day to put the rag-top down for a drive or to take the motorcycle out for a ride in the country. The hills are alive with the sound of music.
11. Heaven's Gate

"He dreamed and, behold, a ladder set up on the earth and the top of it reached to heaven." Pass through Heaven's gate and listen to the sounds of angels singing. This must be the place.
12. Save the Best for Last

A new and beautiful arrangement of the classic sweet melody, Save the Best for Last.

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