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by: Arnold L. Beizer
Saved by the Bell

SAVED BY THE BELL is a heartwarming story in the life of Muhammad Ali - of his travels, trials and tribulations. It tells how one day the Champ will overcome the physical and spiritual challenges he faces and in the final round be saved by the bell. An inspiring story told in pictures and short stories by author Arnold L. Beizer, it includes never before told details of Ali’s historic visit to Vietnam in search of American POW/MIAs. Ali Champions the Cause of Freedom. Let Freedom Ring!

  • Will Muhammad Ali miraculously regain his speech and be Saved By The Bell?

  • Were American POWS left behind in Southeast Asia and do Some Still Survive?

  • Stories full of Ali humor, great photos of the Champ, new revelations and predictions.

  • There’s no one quite like Muhammad Ali. His story is told in 12 entertaining rounds.

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by: Arnold L. Beizer

Let my people go

Arnold L. Beizer's terrific new book entitled
"LET MY PEOPLE GO " will shock and amaze you. There are still American servicemen alive in Vietnam and Laos long after the Vietnam War was declared over.

These prisoners have been abandoned and forgotten by their government and by WE THE PEOPLE. The proof, hidden in the pages of the Bible for ages has been miraculously concealed until now when it has been decoded by Attorney Arnold L. Beizer, President of Let Freedom Ring, Inc. The plain Truth is there for all to see. The facts can now be revealed. More >


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