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Shocking Truth: POWs Still Held in Laos


By Christopher J. Petherick

There is new evidence that American GIs are
being held against their will in Southeast Asia
more than three decades after the Vietnam
War officially ended. A letter recently
received by the father of a U.S. pilot, who
went missing in action in 1971, could provide a key piece
of information that proves American prisoners of war are
alive and imprisoned in remote areas of South Vietnam.

Over the years, historians, researchers and independent
journalists have made a compelling case that, during
the Cold War, thousands of U.S. POWs were moved
among Soviet, Chinese and North Korean labor camps,
where they toiled and died under the worst conditions.
Families of POWs and MIAs say the U.S. government has
turned a blind eye to the plight of these men, even going
so far as to sabotage their efforts at finding out what
exactly happened to their loved ones.*

But Joe Milliner’s incredible story of his son, told at
the June 20 meeting of the National Alliance of
POW/MIA Families in Crystal City,Va., could change all
of that. Documentation compiled by Milliner could finally
force the country to come to terms with the fact that
thousands of Americans were abandoned by the U.S.

There is confusion over what happened to Milliner’s
son, U.S. Army Warrant Officer William P. Milliner,
when the helicopter he was co-piloting disappeared on
March 6, 1971.What is known is that William, who was
20 years old at the time, was the co-pilot on an AH1G
Cobra helicopter gunship. He was returning from a combat
support mission over Laos when he disappeared in
cloudy weather.

The military reportedly dispatched a search-and-rescue
team to locate William and the pilot of the helicopter,
John F. Hummel. Tragically, the two were never located,
and the Army eventually gave up looking for them.

Over the years, the Milliner family has never given up
hope that their son would be found. As with many families
of missing soldiers, the U.S. military has been
unhelpful, some would even say willfully obstructing
honest inquiries into what happened to lost loved ones.

However, recent events have renewed the Milliner’s
faith that William is alive and is
being held in Southeast
against his will, possibly as a slave laborer.

The first occasion came as a result of a classified document,
which was given to Milliner by a source inside the
Pentagon who is sympathetic to MIA-POW families.

The official document was dated Oct. 4, 1989, and
reports of a Thai businessman who said U.S. citizens,
including a “William P.Milliner,” are being held in a dangerous
“no-man’s land” controlled by thugs and warlords
in a mountainous region in Laos.

A Thai businessman said he could secure William’s
release if the U.S. government were willing to pay a ransom.
According to Milliner , U.S. officials shot down any
discussion of a reward, effectively killing off any hopes of
freeing the American.

Were it not for his friend at the Pentagon, Milliner said
the classified account of the exchange between U.S. officials
in Thailand and the unnamed businessman was slated
to be archived for 50 years and would not be
released—even to family members—until 2039.

Since that time, Milliner says that there have been sporadic
sightings of his son, including another U.S. document
that claims warlords were seeking only $1,800 for
the release of his son.

But the most compelling piece of evidence arrived just
last year in the form of a letter from a doctor who had
been working in Cambodia . According to Milliner, the
physician’s account proves to him that his son is still alive
somewhere in the jungle.

In September 2007, Milliner says, he received an
unsigned letter from someone claiming to be a physician
working in Cambodia and Laos .

The doctor wrote that, in early September 2007, he
had treated an American man with certain tell-tale
wounds. The doctor said that the patient was suffering
from a poor amputation of his arm. He also described
certain scars that matched other sightings of William that
the Milliners have collected over the years.

The doctor said he was unnerved by the extent of
secrecy surrounding this patient. He had been driven
through the jungle for what he described as a long time,
and he was allowed to bring just a few medical instruments
and medicine—but no assistants.

The doctor wrote that the guards kept a close watch
over this patient. However, in a free moment, the man
said in perfect English, punctuated by some Vietnamese,
that he is an American being held against his will.

Milliner received that letter in September of last year.
Since then, Milliner says he believes the doctor now fears
for his life and has gone into hiding. Over the years, he
says, presumptive Republican presidential candidate Sen.
John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.)
have both undermined efforts to help Americans who are
still being held against their will. McCain and Kerry have
both weighed in against offering reward money for the
release of U.S. citizens who may still be in captivity in
Laos, Vietnam, China and North Korea, said Milliner.

*For more read Perfidy: The Government Cabal That Knowingly Abandoned Our
POWs and Left Them to Die by Sgt. John Top Holland and Fr. Patrick Bascio.
Softcover 225 pages. Price: $25 for one copy. $19 per copy for active and retired U.S.
military. Order from AFP, 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 100 , Washington , D.C.
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Mystery Letter Says POWs Still Held as Slave Laborers

Shocking Truth: POWs Still Held in Laos

The following is a portion of the letter that was
received by Joe Milliner, the father of William Milliner
who went missing in action in 1971 in Vietnam . In the
past six months, Milliner has been able to make contact
with the author’s assistant. He has confirmed that the
physician is not Cambodian and used a pseudonym
when signing the letter. The letter has been edited for
space and clarity.

I worked for the government in Cambodia and Laos
as a physician. . . .
                                         * * *
Over three weeks ago, in September [2007], I was
blindfolded and driven for what seemed like forever
with a government official who kept telling me not to
look at anyone for too long. . . .

I went to a village hut where the official met with
four young people. In walked a man who was bleeding
from his left arm. He had no left arm as if it were cut in
a perfect angle. I did what I could, but I didn’t have
much equipment or my assistant like I usually do. . . .
[He was] really skinny and had a beard a mile long. He
did have some hair on his head but not much. His blood
pressure was good and everything else was fine. I could
see some muscle definition like he was a working man.

[Before I left] he grabbed me by my shirt and asked
if I was an American. I said, “yes.” [I asked him,] “are
you Australian?” He said, “No. I’m from Kentucky .” He
said, “Please call my mother. Please call my father.
Please call my commander.” I said, why don’t you do it
yourself, and he said those men wouldn’t let him go.
“I’ve been here so long and in Russia working on the
bridges underground,” he said.
* * *
I asked him if there are there others. He said most are
in the caves at Sam Neua [a remote area on the Laos-
Vietnam border] and underground in Ho Chi Minh
under the earth. He said his friend Tom Hert or Hart had
escaped to Cambodia and Van Fleet from the Korean
War are with him. He said that British and Thailand
men, and Donny Wood and Hrlka or Hrdlika, or something
to that effect, had escaped.

I asked him his name. He said it is Richard Millino,
or Milliner. He spoke Vietnamese with English mixed
in, but his Vietnamese [was] very good.

The official yelled: “Come on. Are you almost
done?” I said, hold on. Then [the man] said, “just kill
me, I can’t take this.” I said, “No, I will call the government.”
[. . .] He cried and said “my daddy [is] a soldier.
Tell him! Oh god.” He yelled really loud and grabbed
my arm with a grip like I have never felt.

Then his young captors stormed in and [. . .] grabbed
him, chained him up and dragged him away screaming
as the official was telling me, “go back to the car.” He
somehow punched one of his captors and ran with his
chains, before they grabbed him and threw him onto [a]
truck. . . . I heard him yell, “tell my parents I love them.
Please tell them I will stay alive.
                                                 * * *
Later, I went to [the] embassy in Laos and told the
investigator there—an older guy, tall almost bald. He
said, “Oh no, that was a mentally insane Canadian soldier,
who chose to stay here after war.”
I said, “He said you are the one who is crazy.”

Sincerely, R. Ortiz Jr. [pseudonym]


Mystery Letter Says POWs Still Held as Slave Laborers
Christopher J. Petherick is AFP’s founding editor. He now runs
BRANDYWINE HOUSE BOOKS & MEDIA, P.O. Box 638 , Cheltenham ,
MD 20623
. Toll free: 1-866-656-7583.













Col. David Hrdlicka Captured Alive May 18, 1965 in LAOS



Col. David Hrdlicka Post capture photo May 18, 1965







On May 18, 1965, nearly 45 years ago, Col. David L. Hrdlicka was an Air Force pilot flying an F-105 jet aircraft as lead pilot on a mission over northern Laos .  His jet was hit by ground fire and Col. Hrdlicka was forced to eject, parachuting into a valley near a village.  As his parachute deployed, his wingman watched him descend and saw him captured as he landed.  Native villagers gathered up his parachute and led him away captive.  He was taken to the Pathet Lao headquarters at Sam Neua.  A short while later, a reserve helicopter pilot landed in a neighboring village and learned that Col. Hrdlicka had been turned over to Pathet Lao soldiers.  Thereafter, the story of David Hrdlicka’s capture in Laos was published in a North Vietnamese newspaper, “Quan Nahn Dan”.  Then, only a few days later, the Vietnamese broadcast the contents of a letter purportedly authored by Hrdlicka and the broadcast was transmitted by Radio Peking as well.  Just one month went by after the broadcast when, Pravda, a Russian newspaper, published a photograph of Col. Hrdlicka.  The American Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) included this report in its agency’s “Post-Capture Photograph” album positively identifying Hrdlicka as the captured pilot.  Though David Hrdlicka was last known to be alive, he has never returned.





The problem with this false report above is that David Hrdlicka was

seen alive in good health in a Laotian Cave in 1969 by Ivan Loboda,

a Russian Vietnam War Correspondent – See document below:




AttorneyArnold L. Beizer, President of Let Freedom Ring, Inc. conducted this interview in 1994 with former Russian War Correspondent Ivan Loboda who swore Col. David Hrdlicka was held as a POW in a cave complex in Laos in 1969. Numerous Live Sighting Reports of David Hrdlicka were reported to the U.S. Government as recently as the late 1990’s and new evidence indicates Col. David Hrdlicka is alive and well but mad as hell in 2009 because he has been forgotten by his fellow Americans and written off as dead.





The above transcript of the written testimony in 1993 from the wife of Russian Pravda War correspondent Ivan Shchedrov to Mrs. Carol Hrdlicka confirms that her husband Ivan also saw David Hrdlicka alive in captivity in Laos after the date the U.S. Government wrongly declared Hrdlicka “KIA” (DEAD)!











The following is just a smattering of evidence regarded as "unreliable" by the Senate POW/MIA Select Committee investigating the reports of live POW sightings and signals in Southeast Asia photographed after the War:

*A 1973 photo of central Laos , said to show a four-digit number that could be an authenticator number, followed by the letters "TH," the primary and backup distress symbols of a downed pilot.

*A 1975 photo of a prison in Vietnam , where the CIA noted unusual markings on the roof of a building. CIA was skeptical, but noted that the markings could be transposed to the letter "K" in Morse code. "K" was a pilot distress signal.

*A 1980 photo of a prison in Laos, in which appears the number "52," possibly followed by the letter "K."

*A 1988 photo of a valley in Laos, showing the letters "USA" dug into a rice paddy, beneath which was a possible "K" created by ground scarring.

*A June 1992 photo of a Vietnam prison said to contain a faint "GX 2527," which would correlate to the primary and backup distress symbols of a pilot lost in Laos in 1969.

Within the committee, there were disagreements about the authenticity of the alleged signals and whether they were man-made or the result of shadows, foliage, and other natural phenomena. In two cases--that of the "TH" in 1973 and the " USA " in 1988--all agreed that the symbols were man-made, but some argued that there were benign explanations. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), for example, said it had established that the " USA " symbol had been created by local Hmong montagnards and had nothing to do with prisoners. It further stated that the "TH" might have been created by a Hmong. (Note: the " USA " symbol was stamped into the ground in a field near Sam Neua in Laos with 12-foot letters with what is called a "Walking K" nearby, the latter a distress signal for downed pilots—who is kidding whom?)

Apparently local tribesmen and their children were schooled in English, secret code breaking, were big fans of the good old USA and had nothing better to do with their time than to carve patriotic insignias of another country into their fields with primitive garden tools?

The Senate Committee investigation team traveled to the Laotian rice paddy in November 1992 where the TH and USA symbols had been seen four years previously. Permission was granted two days after requesting it from the Government of Laos to see the site; it was the DIA that "sat on" the investigation for four years. The Senate Committee allegedly interviewed the owner of the field who confessed that his son had "made the USA symbol by copying it from an envelope because he liked the shape of the letters." OH MY GOD! If you believe that one, there's a Bridge for sale in Brooklyn you can buy cheap....but don't wait for 4 years, buy now.

Arnold Beizer











Andre Guillet Missing in Laos since May 18 1966

Andre Guillet miraculously survived a 3000 foot free fall from a defective parachute in USAF Jump training school so there is a good likelihood he still survives after 44 years as a POW. Andre has 9 lives!

Defense Dept. Document shows POWS held Captive in Laos after the war


For decades, successive administrations have discounted or even ridiculed any accounts of prisoners surviving.  That doesn’t in the least detract from the fact that they have indeed survived.  In actuality, all three of Nixon’s defense secretaries, Melvin Laird, James Schlessinger and Elliot Richardson told the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA affairs, that they believed Americans had been abandoned at the end of the Vietnam War!  Evidently Nixon refused to provide the Senate Committee with his White House tapes of meetings where POW decisions were discussed and made.  No doubt Nixon had learned his lesson from the Watergate tapes which did him in.







Carol Hrdlicka the wife of POW Col. David Hrdlicka traveled with Attorney Arnold Beizer and Muhammad Ali to Vietnam in 1994 to find answers as to the whereabouts of the missing Air force pilot.


Muhammad Ali & Arnold L. Beizer President,
Let Freedom Ring Inc.







The message below was delivered to Mrs. Carol Hrdlicka recently from a source in Laos who happened to come across American POWs while traveling in Laos . The man noticed prisoners in the countryside accompanied by guards. At a time when the guards were inattentive he was asked by one prisoner (POW) to give him some note paper so he could quickly scribble a note to deliver to the USA (“red white blue country”). The note, reproduced below and translated (as it was written hastily in broken English) contains references that David Hrdlicka’s family determined could only have been information privy to David Hrdlicka. It contains references to Bob Dornan (former U.S. Congressman) who knew Hrdlicka as a fighter pilot in his squadron when they were stationed together at George Air Force base in Victorville, CA. before Hrdlicka was sent on secret USAF pilot missions over Laos . Moreover the note references a baptism ceremony of the son of “Uncle Jack Haley” that David Hrdlicka and his wife Carol (also mentioned in the note) attended. What’s more, the note mentions the name “alisan”... David Jay Allinson happens to be an American pilot who was designated by the U.S. government as KIA (Killed In Action) in  Vietnam and with whom Dornan went to pilot school. The note infers Allinson may be with Hrdlicka in Laos . In fact, Allinson’s authenticator code (a 4 digit number known only to the pilot and Air force intelligence) was seen stamped on the ground and picked up by satellite imagery in the early 90’s The note below makes other rather unfavorable and understandable references to President Lyndon Johnson burning in hell for abandoning American POWs and MIAs and leaving them behind.

Message to America From a POW in Laos




·                     Bio, Hrdlicka, David L.

MAY 18, 1965 - MAY 18, 2007, 42 YEARS AS A POW IN LAOS . IS HE ALIVE? It has been 42 years since my school mate; Col. David L. Hrdlicka was captured, ... - Similar

·                     [PDF]


POWs: SOME STILL SURVIVE. HELP BRING THEM HOME. There were 480 POW/MIAs lost in Laos . Colonel David Hrdlicka is one of over 60 known American Servicemen ... - Similar







·                     Bio, Allinson, David J.

ALLINSON, DAVID JAY Name: David Jay Allinson Rank/Branch: O3/US Air Force Unit: 354TH ... correspondence with POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews. ... flew more missions against North Vietnam than any other U.S. aircraft. ... later known to have been a detention facility for American Prisoners of War. ... - Similar












"LET MY PEOPLE GO"  Copyright- Arnold L. Beizer

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About the Author:


Arnold L. Beizer is a trial attorney now residing in Florida . He is President of Let Freedom Ring, Inc. a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to the cause of Freedom. He works with POW/MIA families in publicizing the plight of America 's missing servicemen. Attorney Beizer is an author, Bible Code researcher and evangelist.



As President of Let Freedom Ring, Inc., a non profit 501c3 organization, I took Carol Hrdlicka with Albro Lundy III, son of missing pilot Albro Lundy, Jr. to Vietnam along with Muhammad Ali, former 3-time World Heavyweight Champion, to help find information about America 's 324 last known alive POWs part of over 1,800 other MIAs from the Vietnam War.  According to Mrs. Hrdlicka, and documentary evidence in the hands of our government, David Hrdlicka is still ALIVE.








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Reagan Administration Cabinet Meeting Notes-February 1981


The following Memo I believe is a copy in the handwriting of Richard Allen National Security Advisor to the President at the time and a Reagan Cabinet member who took notes during a meeting of the government officials closest to the President in February 1981. The meeting notes reveal that at least Wolfowitz, Armitage and Ikle met in the Roosevelt Room of the Whitehouse to discuss what to do and what to tell the president about intelligence reports that came to their knowledge to the effect that the North Vietnamese Politburo contacted the U.S. government indirectly by telegram through China then Canada and then to author of the memo and demanded $4 billion dollars in return for our POWs. The memo indicated that the NVN claims to know whereabouts of 57 men….


The Following week there was another meeting in the Roosevelt Room concerning facts our government knew who (which POWS) and where they were and representing that Casey went to President and that he clashed with “DA” (unsure of handwriting here). The memo continued to say we know who they are and where they are. Baker (Secretary Baker) was angry at Casey for going directly to the president.


As best I am able I will reproduce the handwriting here that is difficult to read because of the penmanship. The letter “P” circled was the symbol used to designate President and VP the vice president….


Proof Our Government Knew American POWs Were Abandoned



Explanation of White House Cabinet Meeting Handwritten Memorandum






Feb 1981 mtg –

                   Roosevelt Room (illegible)

             15 people

                         Rva (or Roa or Roh unsure)     P, vP  Casey

                                      A (circled unsure) cap (unsure could be Casper Weinberger)

                                      Meese, Baker, Deaver (unsure)

             Roh (or Roa) had telegram/Politboroàthru China , Canada , to me

                          NVN claims 57 men; wants $4 B.


   Following week   -- another mtg.- also in Roosevelt Room.

      ………Casey goes to P-  says clashed w/ DOA ; says we

                   (unsureof DOA could be Dept. of Army or DOD for Dept. of Defense ?)

                  know who + where they are.  Baker angry at

                  Casey going directly to P…



Deposition Summary of Richard V. Allen

From Testimony before U.S. Senate Select Committee

On POW/MIA Affairs June 23, 1992


According to Richard Allen advisor and confidant of President Ronald Reagan during his administration, in testimony before Senate Committee investigators he explained that Presidential candidate Reagan’s position on POW/MIA affairs was such that he believed as long as there was any evidence whatsoever that there were POWS and MIAs still alive in S. E. Asia, the U.S. should spare no effort to get them back. (See Deposition testimony of Richard Allen provided herein as an exhibit). Allen testified that Reagan believed there were some POWs still there even before he became President. Allen also stated it was his own opinion that there were still live POWs in S.E. Asia, perhaps a hundred or more when Reagan took office in 1980. Allen further stated that he informed the president about intelligence sources briefing him on a rap code (escape and evasion signals) that were discovered by surveillance photos indicating live POWs may have been sending signals hoping for rescue. He told the President that he had the option of authorizing a mission to go in and take a closer look. The president was “flabbergasted, enthused and excited” BY THE FACT RECONNAISANCE PHOTOS SHOWED POWs ON THE GROUND LONG AFTR THE WAR ENDED! This was perhaps due to the fact this was the first hard evidence newly elected Pres. Reagan had seen documenting his own personal opinion that POWs were left behind after the war.


The idea bandied about was possibly to go in with an expeditionary force to get a closer look since they did not have the means of extraction. Had it been ascertained with reasonable certainty that POWs had stamped the signals into the ground Allen testified he was almost sure the president would have authorized action to liberate the prisoners. A mission was discussed and the CIA was the likely agency to be involved but Allen stated that during and before this time period “a lot of people have been in office, especially in the Pentagon, ostensibly in charge of this business of finding and getting POW’s and MIA’s out.” Many argued at the time the POWs/MIAs were all accounted for. “In fact careers are built on this” position Allen’s asserted (In other words, these government bureaucrats in charge of the POW issue before Reagan’s time had an investment in making sure they kept their jobs and didn’t buck the system. So they did not bend over backwards, so to speak, to make a concerted effort to get any live POWs out who were left behind. Saving face and covering up errors of the past was apparently the motivation for not seriously searching for POWs). Allen testified there was opposition (from the Pentagon and the

State Department, etc.) to the idea of a mission to search for POWs. Yet in hindsight Allen testified he was convinced that in 1992 there was a reasonable chance that some POWs were still alive!



The sad fact is that all American presidents from Nixon to the present knew or should have known the truth that American POWS were left behind in S. E. Asia after the war. It appears that while one former president who predated the Vietnam War was famous for originating the quotation, “The buck stops here”, those who had an opportunity to deal head on with the POW/MIA issue after the Vietnam War opted to pass the buck. That also goes for congressmen and senators in the know, Pentagon, Defense Dept. and intelligence agency officials, and so on down the chain of command to this present day. No one had the moral determination or “chutzpah” to do anything but sit on their hands and keep hands off the POW/MIA issue for fear of opening a Pandora ’s Box that would box them into a corner and put them out of office or a job. Instead they left the box sealed tight and buried its contents like a time capsule for some future more courageous generation to deal with and to reopen. Well that time has come and this is the generation that must shine the light in a dark place and expose the truth for all to see.



Arnold L. Beizer          


Let Freedom Ring, Inc.