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Picture a rainbow, then try to describe its beauty in words - you simply can't.

Its splendor defies description. So too it is with Rita, the Angel with a golden voice. Listening to Rita sing is a breathtaking experience. Words are simply inadequate to sound her praises.

The name "Rita" means "God's Pearl" / "Gift of God", and a special gift has been bestowed upon Rita. Rita's voice is rich in volume and range of notes and reaches a marvelously brilliant crescendo that only a Nightingale can approach - it is simply Divine.

Love Has Begun


Ray of Hope

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At the age of four little Rita was already singing melodious notes and harmonious tunes. Her parents, friends and neighbors all recognized her great talent and though she was from humble means, she was awarded a singing scholarship and received voice training at the Israeli Conservatory of Music. At age thirteen, while dancing in the streets of Tel Aviv on her way to school, a woman standing at a bus stop spied young Rita and taking her by the hand prophesied that she would become a bright star one day. Rita never forgot that experience.

At age 17, Rita joined the military and soon became the lead singer in the Army's Entertainment Group. After continuing her special training at Israel's "Academy for the Arts of Stage and Screen" Rita graduated Magna Cum Laude and launched her career on stage and screen.

If Rita did not have such an exquisite voice, she would be renown if only for her tremendous acting ability. After studying the performing arts at Israel's Conservatory of the Arts, Rita also won a national title in modern dance in her native Israel. When Rita combines these multifaceted talents with her "heavenly singing voice", the impact upon the audience is truly awe-inspiring. A well-rounded stage performer, Rita is already a superstar and her star is still rising.

Rita's singing career has kept pace with her progress on stage and screen and her songs and albums have raced to the top of the charts in the land of Israel where her concerts and performances are looked forward to with eager anticipation. Rita has been named the National radio station's "Singer of the Year" and was acclaimed "Woman of the Decade for the Stage Arts" by one of Israel's leading newspapers.

Rita's first English language CD album is entitled, "Time for Peace" and was released by Universal/Mercury. The title of the song was selected by the Russian Ice Dancing Team as their theme song for the 2002 Winter Olympics and the 2002 World Championship where the Russian Olympic Team won the Gold medal.

Rita (Israel's Queen of Song) and Introducing Tomey Sellars, Franki Love, Gloria Tillotson Erardi - Love Has Begun

RITA, Israel's Queen of Song is by far the most celebrated and successful singer in the land. She was voted #1 female singer in a special countdown for Israel’s 60th anniversary. RITA continues to prove with crowded theaters and stadiums alike and with multi-platinum albums that she is by far the most mesmerizing female vocalist Israel has to offer.

Rita’s beautiful voice has gained worldwide attention. Now Rita’s first American single “Love Has Begun” has begun penetrating the American music charts and conquering a respectful place in the top 40!  She was nominated for and won the New Music Weekly“Top 40 Breakthrough Artist.”  Visit: lovehasbegun.com.

Rita's latest english language recording is titled “Ray of Hope”, a new inspiring song the whole world needs to hear. A portion of the proceeds from “Ray of Hope” written by the late John Whitehead with Arnold Beizer will go to support the good work of the Muhammad Ali Center to spread an inspirational message of Hope in a world greatly in need of it. It will also benefit the Let Freedom Ring non-profit organization to continue its work to promote the cause of Freedom. "Theres always a Ray of Hope" but there is little Hope without Freedom.

Rita won “Actress of the Year” in the Israeli cinema awards. Moved by her passion to explore new ways to use her special voice, Rita began working with classical ensembles and with acoustic versions of her music, revealing a new side of herself to her devoted audience. Her efforts led her to release her latest intimate Hebrew album “Remazim“ (produced by Israeli rock star, Ivri Lider). The album has reached double platinum status.
Throughout her career Rita has sold over a million copies of her albums, has won dozens of awards acknowledging her contribution and talent and was named the Best Female Performer and Singer of Israel.

In March Rita embarked on her 2010 US Tour. Rita and her six piece band enticed sold-out audiences on Broadway in New York City, Philadelphia, Miami and LA with favorite hits and brand new songs alike.

Rita sings "Let Freedom Ring", a timely song the whole world needs to hear by late singer-songwriter John Whitehead, famous for his inspirational songs such as "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" and "Wake Up Everybody."



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