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Saved By The Bell - Muhammad Ali Champions the Cause of Freedom - by Arnold L. Beizer.


Saved by the Bell


Muhammad Ali with author Arnold Beizer

Get ready for TWELVE (12) ROUNDS in the life of the "Greatest of All Times".

SAVED BY THE BELL is a book about one man's attempt to follow godly principles in his relationship to his fellow man, and how in the spirit of brotherly love, Muhammad Ali shared his abundance, personal wealth and love in service to others. Muhammad Ali is often quoted as saying, "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

SAVED BY THE BELL looks at how the Champ has served others and touched the hearts and souls of the masses. It has been written: "Many are called, but few are chosen." We all have a purpose in life. Muhammad Ali is one of the chosen few-called out for a Divine purpose, not yet fulfilled.

Chock full of some of the greatest pictures ever taken of the Greatest,
is also full of humor, suspense, and foreign intrigue. It offers an inside look into Ali the spiritual man on a mission...the Peoples' Champ. The mission bell is ringing. Will the Ali of old answer the bell for the final round? Only time will tell as the last chapter, or round, in the life story of Muhammad Ali is yet to be written. This book recounts Ali's mission to Vietnam in search of American servicemen missing from the Vietnam War and predicts an amazing revelation that some American POWs and MIAs are still alive, waiting to be found and brought home.

SAVED BY THE BELL is a story within a story of perhaps the world's greatest humanitarian on a mission in life, interrupted by a speech impediment caused by a mysterious and sudden loss of motor skills some have attributed to Parkinson's syndrome. Has Muhammad Ali lost his speech irretrievably? Has his health been irreparably harmed? Or will a miracle restore Ali's speaking ability enabling the once loquacious "Louisville Lip," the "Mouth That Roared," to speak out again in a powerful way to bring a message to the masses about being saved by the bell?

SAVED BY THE BELL is a story in the life of the Champ of his travels, trials and tribulations and tells how one day he will overcome the physical and spiritual challenges he faces and be saved by the bell.


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