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Let Freedom Ring has for going on two decades promoted the cause of Freedom and "championed" the plight of America 's Prisoners of War (POWs) and those Missing in Action (MIAs).

In 1992, Let Freedom Ring planned and promoted a charity benefit music concert to highlight the POW/MIA issue and to draw the world's attention to the fact that thousands of American servicemen have never returned from wars (WW II, the Korean War, Vietnam and Desert Storm).

Celebrities gathered together in Philadelphia with World Champion boxers, including World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali, former boxing champion Jake LaMotta ("The Raging Bull"), Alexis Arguello, Ernie Shavers, Tim Witherspoon and many more boxing greats to champion the cause of Freedom.

Renowned singer/songwriter, the late John Whitehead, famous for his inspirational message song, "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" was joined by Rita, Israel 's Queen of Song , and a host of other celebrated artists, to perform for the POW/MIA families at prestigious Philadelphia 's Academy of Music concert hall. Let Freedom Ring's President, Arnold L. Beizer, Esq . personally contributed $400,000 to bring all the celebrities together in the City of Brotherly Love and to host the charity dinner and concert. Donations of $20,000 from Let Freedom Ring benefited several POW/MIA organizations, including but not limited to the National Forget Me Not Association, the American Defense Institute, and No Greater Love.

In 1994, Let Freedom Ring sponsored a mission taking World Champion Muhammad Ali to Vietnam where POW/MIA family members joined with
Let Freedom Ring's President, to find answers from Vietnam government officials about American POWs last known alive. A Bridge of Friendship was established between POW families and Vietnam representatives who promised to do more to resolve the issue of America's missing servicemen from the war.

Let Freedom Ring purchased and released for publication exclusive photographs and negatives of downed and captured American flyers obtained from Vietnamese sources in country clearly showing that the Vietnamese military had a wealth of information documenting the whereabouts of servicemen known to have been captured alive but who never returned after Operation Homecoming in April, 1973.

In addition, Let Freedom Ring sponsored many media events held to generate much needed media coverage for the POW/MIA issue. One such event stands out head and shoulders above the rest. This took place when Attorney Arnold Beizer, Let Freedom Ring's determined President, rented a huge elephant named Daisy, renaming her "MIA" for a press conference held in front of Philadelphia 's Independence Hall at the Liberty Bell Pavilion. At first the National Park Service police refused to permit the elephant to be downloaded at the curb in front of the Liberty Bell. But Attorney Beizer quickly came to the elephant's defense and pointed out to police there was no law prohibiting elephants from parking at the curb! "MIA" was unloaded onto the street and then promptly left a load of her own as she proudly paraded about the mall with a large yellow ribbon tied around her neck and a banner draped over her back proclaiming, "Elephants Never Forget..... Don't You Forget Our POWs/MIAs"!

Television trucks beamed the big story of the elephant's walk around the Liberty Bell on Philadelphia 's TV news stations throughout the day, which pricked up the ears of the public and created quite a flap.

Informing and educating Congress, the President and the public on the unsolved POW/MIA issue is another of Let Freedom Ring's prime focus areas. But the principal mission of Let Freedom Ring is to produce and provide MUSIC FROM THE HEART OF AMERICA bringing a message of freedom to the masses. Music is the Universal language that all can understand. As the saying goes, "People who make music together cannot be enemies, at least while the music lasts." - SO LET THE MUSIC PLAY!

Our Founding Fathers inscribed the words of Moses on the Liberty Bell,
(America 's symbol of freedom in Philadelphia ): "Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof" (Leviticus 25:10). In the Let Freedom Ring music video, these immortal words scroll across the bottom of the viewing screen with this proclamation professed to all. "Let Freedom Ring" fills the screen with dramatic 35mm motion picture film of America 's symbols of freedom, its resilient people and their mighty machines commissioned to defend the cause of freedom.
For more information, contact:

Arnold Beizer, Founder Let Freedom Ring, Inc.

Arnold L. Beizer

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